Water to Prevent Disease


image for Water-to-Prevent-DiseaseYou can drink water to prevent disease. Water is the building block of the human body, which is made up of 60% to 70% water. Drinking water has long been linked to health benefits. The health-conscious individual might ask, “How much water should I be drinking?” Many medical authoritiesadvise drinking as much as eight glasses of water every day. Knowing some of the benefits that water can bring to the body helps us to better appreciate this advice. These health benefits include the elimination of toxins, promotion of excellent eye health, and prevention of various skin diseases and health conditions like asthma and arthritis.

Water to Prevent Disease: Water Helps Eliminate Carcinogenic Toxins

Every organ in the human body is made up of cells, and each cell, in turn, is composed of a water solution. Blood, which is also mostly composed of water, helps transport nutrients and oxygen and remove toxins from the body. According to J.H. Tilden’s Toxemia Explained, when the body lacks water its blood thickens, which consequently impedes circulation. As a result, excess body waste keeps storing in the interstitial space that surrounds the cells. If unresolved, the toxins accumulate and the interstitial space becomes an acidic wasteland that lacks nutrition and proper oxygenation. Because of this, the cells there become abnormal. In order to survive, these cells have to rely on fermentation processes instead of oxidative functions. This fermenting condition will eventually lead to cancer or other degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Water to Prevent Disease: Water Prevents Skin Conditions

Drinking enough water every day will keep skin healthy and moisturized. On the other hand, when the body is dehydrated it uses the water found in the skin without replacing it. Thus, dehydration is a common cause of dry, prune-like skin. It can also reduce capillary circulation, causing the skin to look pale and unhealthy. Another common skin disease resulting from dehydration is scleroderma. People with scleroderma have atrophied, rough and unhealthy-looking skin.

Water to Prevent Disease: Water Promotes Eye Health

The cornea is made of 80% water. Many computer users notice that staring into the monitor for long hours can cause their eyes to feel dry and irritated. Closing and resting the eyes for a couple of seconds helps the tear glands lubricate and moisturize the cornea. Drinking a sufficient amount water also helps prevent eye inflammation.

Water to Prevent Disease: Water Prevents and Cures Asthma

Asthma affects fourteen million children and every year, thousands of children die from it. Asthma is caused when water vapor is unable to exit the body because its air passages are impeded. This condition can be remedied by increasing one’s water intake.

Water to Prevent Disease: Water Prevents Arthritis and Joint Pains

Arthritis and joint pains may also be symptoms of dehydration. Both old and young people can be affected by these conditions. Simply drinking water with a small addition of salt may be a more effective treatment than taking painkillers, which will may damage their users. Drink water to prevent disease and treat your body right.