Treffen und kennenlernen Singles: Die zehn besten Orte zum Kennenlernen

Treffen und kennenlernen

But just as a dictionary brought my last sentence to the brink of nonsense, it gives less than perfect advice to Steve: However, a statement like this will raise questions: The following things only apply for the meeting-treffen. Schön, dich zu treffen. So why is there this weird uns there?

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Ich treffe dich am Brunnen. Just imagine if there were only one word in English. Anyway… treffen leaves ample opportunity for word play. Appart from that it does have a strong notion a planned event and all people were actively involved. And that concludes this completely off-topic introduction singles aachen treffen we will continue straight with act 2.

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Thomas trifft seinen Professor. Translating this with to hit leads to the really stupid: Thomas met his boss in Rome. Who is our main character anyway, you ask?

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The best place for that, so Steve was told, is a bar so there he goes and meets a German girl. I hit you on the chin. At the summit Angela Merkel also met the French President.

Wir treffen uns um 9.

Thomas hat seinen Boss in den Magen getroffen. Well it is and has always been the word treffen: Was du gesagt frauenwald treffen 2014, hat mich sehr getroffen.

In German, you do not need a physical object to hit someone… you can also do it with an insult or with disrespectful behavior.

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Ich und mein Bruder, wir treffen uns heute abend. As I said, he does not speak her native tongue. Thomas hit his boss in the stomach.

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That is, while totally understandable and ok, NOT the genuine thing to say. A possible reason is to avoid confusion with the hitting-treffen. Dictionary to the rescue!!! But there is a difference in use. If i just run into someone, that would be just treffen.

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Thomas hits himself with his professor. Nice to meet you.

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Steve does not speak German at all. Thomas trifft sich mit seinem Professor. They replace it by the rather odd zusammenkommen mit.

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And now we are ready for the big reveal… and actually treffen does not only have to deal with one super villain… it has to deal with 3 of them at the same time: Thomas hat seinen Boss in Rom getroffen. Ich treffe mich heute abend mit meinem Bruder. Anyway… so just treffen… meeting by chance… sich treffen mit … meeting on purpose.

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There are basically 3.