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Ordered my L9A1 from Buds. I have over rounds through it with no malfunctions The slide stop was a litle stiff but fixed it with copper never seize. No failures to feed, load or eject in the first 1K rounds sent down range and still I'm still waiting. Target sights would be nice to make available. It is extended in length rather than depth so its just perfect for your thumb.

Was able to pick a bunch up on sale, too.

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The low bore feel is great, and keeps groups very well. I could shoot them accurately but never grew to enjoy shooting them.

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We will see more from Steyer now that they are located in the states. I like everything about this pistol and most especially how the 40 "snap" is nearly eliminated.

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Better than any other 9 I've ever owned. The low bore axis and increased grip angle are noticed but not uncomfortable. May look into a S9-A1. Ergonomics I rate a 10 I am a righty and do not want weak hand levers The takedown is on the right, so if you strong side carry its in the right place.

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The workmanship and finish, markings are a 10 Recoil is single steyr comfortable, I really do not remember it after an hour of shooting. That said, if one is serious about competition shooting with the L9-A1 then a good polishing job and some adjustments in spring tensions need to single oldenburg done expertly.


However, in my case Single hauzenberg have a single steyr and crisp action shy of 4 punds. I did a bit of single steyr Steyr recommended tuning but I am a competent ex armorer. Over-all, this pistol gets 5 stars, plus. I would not encourage anyone going beyond field stripping and cleaning unless one is a single steyr gunsmith.

The way it sits in the hand is almost as if it were custom made just single rheinbach my hand, it is fantastic.

It's just a tremendous amount of fun to shoot. Quality hands down the nicest polymer gun IMO. The Sights I initially liked but now have trouble punching paper with them.

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The slide stop is excellently placed and shaped with little to no sharp edges The mag button is the best in the business. The rails are beefy, the entire trigger group and striker assembly are encased in a steel chassis, great design! The Trigger feels comfy with no slap, and the pull is incredible.

Mags are very well made, some of the most beautiful I have seen. I will use this as my EDC companion.

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Touching surfaces needed de-burring and polishing to a mirror sheen to take the grit out of the action. I am leaving this Steyr stock as it is very close to a perfect pistol for me. I am awaiting on my holster and extra single pirmasens to arrive, till then it is range testing time. Dead simple take-down for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance My only concern is to parts availability in the future.

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I suspect it will continue to get better with practice, though. All with duty-grade reliability and solid accuracy As I extend the forefinger of my supporting hand to the single steyr of the trigger guard to dampen recoil, my only wish is for a slight extension of the guard at the bottom to aid this; but I will happily live without it as a bit of work with a file will fix it. I am a competent person when it comes to tuning firearms.

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Very very happy with my purchase of a great pistol from a great company. Overall, I would definitely pick this up over a Glock or a XD in a life or death situation.

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With a couple of thousand rounds through the action will further settle in and I expect to achieve single tanzen bremen 3 lb. Great jobSteyr! The gun is single steyr, just slightly under a Glock 21 but would be fine for duty or home defense uses or just fun shooting. So far about rounds have been fired without a single malfunction and greatly improved accuracy with the lighter action. Singles ulm umgebung had absolutely zero problems with it, even with the plastic guide rod which seems a little cheapish to me, but with no problems I guess it ain't so bad.

Love the unique design and would put the L9 A1 up against any of the other like type pistols on the market today. Innovate sights - but I did switch to tritium.

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I love its ergonomics, its natural pointing. Great reliability, the sights were easy to get use single sassenberg shoot well with.

It is simply the most reliable, ergonomic and enjoyable to shoot 40 SW pistol ever made!