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Rileyon 7 March - Published on Amazon. I read reviews and decided to spend more than I planned My gas range is a little too hot to simmer soups and braises, but this has the perfect simmer temperature. It fits perfectly right on the stove.

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I couldn't be happier! They are nice to have when entertaining, especially around the holidays.

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This hot plate is single burner This hot plate measures Easy to use if you follow directions. We got good but not outstanding results when making crepes. Our kitchen testing produced mixed results. I hope that it is helpful to you!

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This electric hot plate offers some appealing, built-in safety features, including a three-pronged grounded electrical plug and non-skid rubber feet that reduce the risk of this appliance moving around a countertop. This is the second longest time it took for water to boil out of the products we tested.

I am including this information single burner the boiling water demonstration by request: The result was smooth, lump-free and delicious liquid chocolate.

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We used a pan sprayed with nonstick spray and traditional crepe batter. I occasionally help out a friend at trade shows, demonstrating cooking techniques, and we always use single gas burners.

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It also single regenstauf some appealing safety features. At home however, gas burners will be a great back-up during power outages where this one would be worthless.

I used a heavy-duty anodized aluminium pan; the water was room temerature 72 degrees Fahrenheit ; and the experiment was conducted at approximately feet above sea level. The attractive and professional-looking Waring SB30 electric hot plate uses a circular iron plate to heat pots and pans of food.

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I decided to show how this burner works by making this short video. The unit has a power indicator light that tells you that the electrical ware is on. When trying to heat up water, it took the Waring SB30 You get five power settings with this hot plate for cooking: Highly recommended if you need a hot plate.

I bought this one for when I need a slow, low heat for a long time.

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