Lollar blackface single coil strat pickups Strat Blackface

Lollar blackface single coil strat pickups

The string balance is perfect. With the proper adjustments, I managed to get all three pickups to match in single coil whether I'm playing up or down the next.

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First and foremost, the string to string balance on all three pickups is near perfect. North Adams, MA Date: The pickup to pickup balance is perfect as far as my singles raunheim can tell, and I would go as far as to say that the pickups are better balanced in this set than any other Strat set I've ever owned or played.

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The highs are quite easy to tame at any volume as well, which is almost always an issue with single coils, and there are no harsh overtones or dull areas. Played through my Rivera Quiana they sound gorgeous.

Overall, I would have to say the Lollar Blackface set is easily the best Stratocaster set I have ever played, between the balance being nearly perfect and the tone being exactly what I was looking for.

With the proper amp settings, they can be made to sound almost like PAFs but still sound like single coils.

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March 13, I recently picked up and installed a Lollar Blackface Stratocaster set with flat poles better string balance into my '10 American Singles nauen. Do not hesitate choosing flatpoles blackface staggered polepieces.

Recommended Best Stratocaster set I have ever played 5 out of 5 Location: I also considered the Special S set, or the Dirty Blackface set because on almost every strat set, the bridge pickup is underpowered compared to the neck and middle, but that is not the case at all with the Blackface set.

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Finally, the tone of the Blackface set is exactly what I was looking for. Compared to the 50s strat pickup, they are fuller sounding, smoother and less raw sounding, and much better defined.

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First and foremost, I needed a pickup set with better string to string balance as the string balance was horrible on the set I got it with Porter Pickups s, staggered set. Secondly, I wanted fuller sounding pickups with more midrange, but not mid heavy and I singles kerpen it to still sound like a Strat.

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