Shaded pole single phase induction motor Shaded Pole Induction Motor

Shaded pole single phase induction motor, shading ring

So we can call single kostenfrei part as the shaded part and other part of the pole as unshaded part. The shaded pole single phase induction motor of current in shading coil is such as to oppose the cause producing it from Lenz law. Now assume our single karlsruhe supply as sine wave as shown in 1.

This shifting effect is equivalent to the physical movement of the poles, which is nothing but the rotation of poles. These poles are shaded by copper band or ring which is inductive in nature.

Shaded-Pole Single-Phase Motors

Rotating field of a Shaded Pole Motor. A slot is cut across the lamination of the pole. The poles of shaded pole induction motor consist of slots, which are cut across the laminations.

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Usually 2 to 4 poles are used. This type of motor is used to drive the devices which require low starting torque. When the alternating current through the coil increases, it induces a current in the shading coil.

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The coils are made up of copper and it is highly inductive in nature. Thus the flux in the shaded portion of the pole is weakened while that in the unshaded portion is strengthened as shown in figure 2.

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The salient features of this motor are extremely simple construction andabsence of centrifugal switch. During the portion AB.

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It is denoted as NC in the picture below. The distribution singles activiteiten den haag this flux in the pole area is greatly influenced by the role of copper shading band.

Usually 2 to 4 salient poles are used. The cause is the alternating current. The direction of the rotation of the flux is in a clockwise direction, i. The copper coil forms a closed loop across each pole. The electrical design areas of a universal motor are the magnetic circuit, the field and armature windings, the commutator and brushes, the insulation and the cooling system.

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Selecting a singles neuenhaus poled stator gives a synchronous speed of rpm while a 4 poled stator speed will be rpm for 50Hz supply. Low starting torque, low power factor and low efficiency, copper losses are high due to presence of copper band. Commutation Process of Universal Motors. Here we are considering a 2 pole shaded pole motor.

The smaller portion carries the copper band and is called as shaded portion of the pole.

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This is very cheap in cost, rugged in construction and reliable. The pictures in this article also shows a 2 pole motor. Shaded pole induction motor has no commutator, brushes, collector rings, contactors, capacitors or moving switch parts, so it is relatively cheaper, simpler and extremely rugged in construction and reliable.

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