Eno hammock single or double ENO SingleNest & ENO DoubleNest hammocks

Eno hammock single or double, want to add to the discussion?

When you hang it that distance apart you will have enough sag in the hammock for it to be comfortable when you lie in it at an angle, that is, with your feet on one side and your head and shoulders on the other side of the center line. I have this hanging in my room functioning as my bed, and I'll be taking it backpacking as well.

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I suppose you could use the ENO slap straps however I prefer a less bulky set up is cheaper also. Cotton Material Material is a single calw important factor to consider when choosing a hammock.

Sleeping parallel to the hammock is certainly doable, but it creates weird ridges and pressure points. Also, bear in mind that your chosen suspension system will need to waring single burner included in total weight.

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I went with the double and like it just fine. They'll also most definitely be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hammock single or double, which is nice if you ever wanna throw the hammock into a pack for a day hike or to go to the park with.

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The sale usually lasts for a day or two. It keeps me from having to set them on the ground. Overall, this hammock can be set up in a basement or a forest. I was not really impressed with the rain fly, so I sewed my own out of rip-stop.

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Does it come with straps? I wondered if I sat across it instead of length whys would this work? Is my ability to lay flat or sleeping comfortably going to be negatively affected by a single hammock like a ENO singlenest vs having more width in a double nest?

But it's also easier to keep clean and it's super cheap.

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I also thought this would kinda hide me as well? I'll post an update of what I end up buying, once I've made the purchase.

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Finishing out the suspension system, both the SingleNest and DoubleNest are strung with nautical-strength rope and forged carabiners that clip quickly into the Atlas straps. There isn't a lot of thought that goes into color matching.

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This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Your username is how other community members will see you. Hammocks are a great lightweight alternative for ultralight campers and hikers.

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The Blaze uses fp duck down insulation, which is warmer and tends to be less bulky than synthetic insulation. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase my first hammock and I am wondering if I should buy a single or a double. Having more fabric is never a problem but you may find some situations where it is nice to have that little extra. My husband and I aren't the type of people to sleep in a hammock, but we are definitely the type of people to laze around the campsite reading, napping, and socializing.

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