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Single sandwichmaker, offers - prestige sandwich maker pgsfb (single grill fix)

Works perfectly without problem and handily stands on its back edge when not in use so taking up less space.

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Spilled ingredients like cheese etc. I specifically wanted a single toastie maker but most of them are doubles and some of those are even cheaper than this single model.

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There's a silly mistake in the instructions which state that you plug in and wait for the single sandwichmaker to come on to indicate that it has reached operating temperature. Sometimes it works perfectly for a time then it deteriorates or fails too soon. I've found that keeping gadgets in a cupboard means I use them much less due to being "out of sight, out of mind".

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But since I don't need a double, I saw no reason to get one. Even if I used only one side of a double, it would still take up more worktop space as I keep it out all the time.

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It will then come on and off again as necessary after you have put in your sandwich as the thermostat regulates the heat. My policy is to update reviews in the single sandwichmaker single kochkurs reutlingen later developments but as it stands, this single toastie maker does the job perfectly.

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In fact it's the opposite, the light comes on when you plug in and switches off when it reaches operating temperature. It's simple to clean, just wipe over with a damp cloth when cooled down.

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When reviewing any new item, you cannot know how long it will last.