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Single 3 ohm wiring

Check out my post on sub amp tuning for more tips.

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Those two different Champion subs have different power handling, which means different frequency response and efficiency. I used a voltmeter with a 60Hz test tone to tune kirchensteuer single amp to Watts at my max listening volume.

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I know it is on the cheaper side but I am not rich either. Hey Aaron, 2 ohm will be much cleaner. Hi Jazzy — that is odd.

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I am open to suggestions for the whole setup, but I am on a budget. The 3 way just splits the frequency range up a bit more. Do you think it would be a problem If I were to just hook the subs up normally, not bridged? And get yourself a head unit with a 4 or 5 volt pre-amp.

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Hi Annie, sorry if you have answered this question. The amp lets out a ton of single engenharia automação ltda without a ton of control and it eventually heats up and shuts itself to protect itself from overheating single 3 ohm wiring.

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To keep costs down, ideally you want a mono amp as they are more efficient and generally put out more power for less money, but mono amps really need a final impedance of 2 ohms. The coil can then start to loosen up and unravel. Hopefully towards the body of the car.

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I liked the JL, actually had 2 in my car at one point. Hi Austin, If you only have one sub, you would have been better off buying the ohm wiring 4 ohm version.

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What would be the single amp to make them hit as hard as possible?? Hey Mark, I replied earlier, not sure if you saw it. What will it run them at, 2ohm or 4ohm?

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Should I opt D or the D? Hi Sergej, What kind of enclosure is the sub in?

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Eventually it heats up singles kerpen shuts itself or just burns out and never turns back on.

So to get more output, we generally will use a mono amp just for subs with a 2 ohm load. You would be under powering the subs with that amp and risk blowing them under powering causes distortion which blows speakers.

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If they are in fact dual 2 ohm subs wired series then parallel with a final 2 ohm load, you want a watt RMS mono amp. Also, would I also need a capacitor? My question is since my subs are wired steiner single sconce parallel will the watts be cut in half to each sub?