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Hoya single vision iq

The result is the most personalized hoya single vision iq lens in history.

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But when you consider how important your vision is to your life, how much you rely on your sense of sight throughout your day, you begin to understand what drives our efforts to improve every aspect of vision correction, which is what sets HOYA apart. For those with Presbyopia, Summit iQ offers sharp and wide distance viewing for a clearer, broader reading zone.

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From occupation, to hobbies, to wearing history, individual preferences are factored into the final lens design for a level of patient comfort and satisfaction never before possible. Progressive lens designs have always restricted the vertical and horizontal design components to the same weston single hamburger press of the lens.

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The Single Vision iQ vision is made possible by a new level of precision in traditional single vision lens design, which provides sharper perspectives, and noticeably expanded viewing zones, no matter where you look.

The two surfaces are then integrated using Balanced View Control, our computer vision evaluation that analyzes and corrects any Skew Deformation, ensuring the clearest vision in all directions.

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Our Integrated Double Surface Design IDSD partially customizes the lens configuration using a standardized front surface component and a customized back hoya single component. Aspheric lenses were invented to reduce distortions in peripheral vision, with curvatures changing from center to edge.

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A lens design that accounts for your unique visual tendencies No two people see the world exactly the same way. HOYA is the first to customize the lens on both sides, creating a truly personalized vision correction.

Even with only partial customization, Lifestyle lenses provide a more personalized vision correction than any other design in the world.

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Our patented Integrated Double Surface design IDS technology then shapes your lens design on both the front and back surface of each lens günzburg singles, to maximize viewing ranges and virtually eliminate distortions in peripheral vision. Traditionally made single vision lenses have a constant curvature across the front surface, which makes peripheral vision almost impossible.

The difference between looking single warendorf our Single Vision iQ lens and a traditionally made single vision lens is like seeing a Hi-definition screen after watching analog television.

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HOYA Free-Form Fabrication then uses diamond point tools to shape both sides of the lens to the exact specifications of your eye rotation. The intuitive design of Summit iQ also allows for more natural eye and head movement, resulting in significantly more comfort for the wearer.

HOYA Lens Design

But until now, aspheric designs have been purely theoretical, with little consideration for how your eyes actually move. Our patented Integrated Double Surface Design IDSD process shapes the vertical component which affects magnification and distance into the front of the lens, and the horizontal component which affects the power changes from side to side into the back. While IDSD is used to completely customize the ID lens, the Lifestyle lens features a standardized vertical component molded onto the front surface and a custom design shaped into the horizontal component on the back of the lens.

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