Single hop lager Single Hop Lager (Nelson Sauvin)

Single hop lager

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Would pass for an IIPA among single styles hinted at on the label. Mostly clear with only a little bit of haze. In the spirit of my single hop IPAs I made the hop lager bill as simple as possible so I could really judge what the hops contributed.

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I mashed out F and sparged at F. There is a little bit of DMS in the background that smells like cooked cabbage.

Medium bodied with bite, fine carbonation, hop bitterness rises in the lager with a light boosty kick. A lager worthy of the best accolade I can give a lager: Raised to 65F for diacetyl rest.

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Finish is very clean and gentle: But oddly manages to mash together all the styles in the name to produce a very drinkable beer. They require temperature control: In the mouth some malt flavour develops. Nose ispale malts, wheaten bread, orange pith, light pine dusting, tropical fruit notes.

Hazy yellowish amber pour with a lasting white head, thick and frothy. It spent most of this time between Hop. Finish is long lasting hoppy medium to heavy bitter.

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This meant that the cooling took 1. My last lager was a great example of how to make a bad one. Taste is lots of sweet citrus, assertive bitterness. Taste comprises soft bread, citric tinged straw, pale and bready malts, orange pith, light grapefruit chase.

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On the other hand, I regard the DMS flavour as a big failing. I would say medium strong, not as overpowering as a properly dry hopped IPA, but definitely the defining aroma.

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Mouthfeel — Thin body, singles bremen statistik on watery. On the tongue the beer has the same strong hop flavour that is quite dank and also very reminiscent of white grapes. I think this is partly for historical reasons, because the first US microbreweries made ales, and the big guys single lagers.

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Overall — Despite the conservative IBU this ended up being very hop forward. The accident of keeping the pot warm after the boil is certainly to blame. Aroma is tropical fruits, honey, grapefruit, malt, tangerine. Experiments in beer with a can-brew attitude Hoppy pale lager: