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We cooperate with Petr for like 5 years and each time we grow our events structure. If anybody will ask me to advise reliable partner for event organization, I will definitely recommend Petr Mach and Finetime. Once we did an event for our customers and vendors on Sal island of Cabo Verde archipelago. Everything was running smoothly and the right account.

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There is not big sense to write about each event separately, as it always depends on place and services available, but we always were getting reasonable prices and best services for the budget provided. Frau sucht mann biel event we did, become a unique fusion of program activities, positive memories and emotions.

We work with Petr Mach and his agency since and did together more than 10 events already.

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All unexpected situations were visible only for organizers and were professionally fixed by Petr and his team. I think we are creating a brand. After Dubrovnik, Malta was the next great event.

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Easy to communicate, easy to plan, reliable service and quality, superb execution — it is all about the events Petr and his team did for us. Finetime always overcome our expectations and we are pleased to continue our cooperation. Its a constant challenge for all of us, apart of perfect event organizations and logistics, to keep active event subject through all business and team spirit activities.

If you need an event — order it from Finetime, you will get a great service and no stress during the event.

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