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As you look upon the Flirt Worm, you'll first notice the tapered design of the plastic which plays flirten auf französisch sätze key role in this bait's popularity. This is just an FYI for anyone out there who has been waiting for this color to return. Rig the Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm however you'd like - Texas-rig style using a Roboworm Rebarb Hook, drop shot, shakey head, Carolina rig - you name it and it will produce.

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You will not get what you had in the past. They work great as a drop shot bait but I have landed the biggest bass using it without weight and letting it slowly fall. Man was I disappointed when they arrived.

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The tail wiggles aachen flirten flares as anglers impart small shakes to the rod or the water's natural current washes over the bait. With all the rave on creatures bring it back to the essentials, and take the top spot in your club, flirten beziehung erlaubt for fun with your friends. I fell in love with this color for river smallmouth some years ago.

Get some and give them a shot and you will never look back at your old baits!

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Ish Monroe told be about this worm years ago when it first came out. There are others that catch fish but these produce the quality fish every time!!!

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Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm The Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm is a soft plastic, finesse style worm used for a wide variety of bass fishing techniques.

From the head section, the Flirt worm begins to taper down to a thinner tail section which is an worm ingredient in the worm's action.

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We offer the Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms in two sizes: The worm front segment affords anglers more plastic to rig the worm with whatever hook they wish - unlike many other finesse worms which simply do not have the bulk to accommodate a true worm hook. This is a singlespeed reutlingen versatile little worm, my favorite finesse worm.

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It seems like I have waited for almost 2 years for anyone to get this color back in stock. I guess that's how the companies make millions of us crazy fisherman lol.

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Most likely they would bite on almost any decent worm but I like to think these have an edge on the others. Works fantastic on a mojo, split shot, or carolina rig, and is also great drop shotting.

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Don't overlook using it weightless either. For some reason the bass just seem to worm it. Engineered with small design elements that make the worm both versatile and action-packed, the Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm has become a staple in most anglers' arsenals.

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Good looking worm I have yet to test, but I will say that the Donkey Punch is much darker in real life than the picture depicted here. My favorite worm to use.

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I agree with the other poster's comments about it being a great shaky head worm.