Dating eisenberg jewelry Eisenberg Brooch

Dating eisenberg jewelry

As the years progressed, additional colors were introduced into the Eisenberg line of jewelry. A few prongs on the clear pears are broken, also something you would not find on a repro, otherwise excellent condition.

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Eisenberg was kind enough to spend about an hour talking to me about his company ; he expressed to me at that time his amazement at the collectibility of his company's production and how, while he knew there were massive private collections of the company's pieces, that they the company had not, for the most part, saved pieces for their own archives. One prong was gone when I purchased this. The advertisements of the time period say that the pieces were baked 27 times, so the finishes, by and large, have held up very well except under hard use. Potmetal setting, small clears are greying slightly as would be expected in any legitimate piece.

Eisenberg Riviere Demi Set in Roseline - Eisenberg liked to use unusual colors and color combinations in their 's's pieces, and dating app salzburg href="">dating seiten sinnvoll is a rare color for this company.

Eisenberg Brooch

Let this site help you have the best dates- dating -db76nty3. Eisenberg clothing, for the most part, was solid colors, in black, grey, and navy, well-made, conservatively cut daywear in the form of suits and daytime dresses, aimed at well-to-do housewives. Larger green stones are prong set, the rest are dating eisenberg jewelry set. Goldtone setting, with clear rhinestones on the star and on the body of the jewelry. Signed pieces are ultimately more valuable, provided their quality is good, than unsigned pieces.

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Eisenberg Peridot and Clear Rhinestone Earrings - Script E earrings in lime green and clear, set in silvertone, rhodium plated. I wish I had the matches!


After a while, during the late s, the company began to manufacture jewelry for the sole purpose of complementing their clothing line in an attempt to boost sales. Silvertone plating, probably rhodium. This piece is missing at least three prongs but the stones appear secure; most of the clears appear to be replacements.

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The Materials Used In Eisenberg Jewelry Only the highest quality of metals, plating, and brilliant Swarovski Austrian crystal rhinestones were used in the construction of these pieces that portrayed bold designs. Signed Eisenberg Original on usual dress clip finding.

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Identifying Costume Jewelry success tips for the costume jewelry new kids on the block. Large stones have little, if any, of the usual back spotting. Surmounted by a huge oval clear, dating heidelberg germany pieces has paved streamers which descend to two large octagonal stones surrounded by marquises and oval stones.

Courtesy of Barbara Wood.

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Most, but not all, of the pieces marked Eisenberg Original also have a stonesetter's mark in the form of a letter or a number in a circle. On ebay, I once spotted one just like it but the whole thing was reversed with the bird facing the other way.

Eisenberg Original Cascading Clear Rhinestone Fur Clip - Much more interesting than some of the standard Eisenberg clear rhinestone clips, this uses round chatons, round dentelles, baguettes, a triangular cut and an octagonal cut.

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Necklace adjusts to Slight darkening around the edges of the lavender stones, otherwise excellent condition. Therefore, the company began to make jewelry to be sold on its own, apart from anything else manufactured and dating disasters from the trenches by the company. In particular, rhinestone and pearl bouquet brooches made lovely pieces. Partly due to the number of marks implemented over the years, fakes are common and it often takes a skilled collector to distinguish between a fake and a genuine article of Eisenberg dating.

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Makers who reissue costume jewelry designs will mark them to distinguish them from old pieces, and sometimes put a current date on these designs. Blue rhinestones are all prong set, rhodium plating. Marked Eisenberg Original and a capital S in a circle stonesetter's mark.

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Twin pins were frequently manufactured during the s and the early s. Eisenberg Baguette and Pave Swirl Earrings - Multi layered jewelries use tinder dating app wikipedia less common shape for Eisenberg - large baguette clears are randomly stacked and topped with a pave set swirl.

Be sure to go to antique fairs to look at and hold real Eisenberg jewelry. Their pieces are exceptional in quality, both in design and materials. On Valentine's Day, crystal or colored stones, big and bright as a Sultan's treasure. However, for some reason, many pieces were simply marked with the letter E during the late heiße dating seiten and into the early fifties.

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