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Being compared to dishonest, falsely genuine, simpletons, with nice guy labels is something I rather not be a part of.

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Baumholder, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Seeking: I am not here to play games or participate in a selection between others here. A dating story that scares death away and shorten burgess dating, while having immorality between us, the feeling of longing and submitting to rapture.

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Grown men desires passionate love, trust, challenges, faith, loyalty, irresistible intellect, and uncontrollable lust from a woman. Unlike friends that grow into something like a teenage flick, but two strangers creating a love story that makes no sense other than shared virtues and have dating to step up to each other. To become weak and vulnerable to each other because that is the greatest form of expressing trust.

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The courage to take risks and let self fall in love instead of fearing phantom rejection. I am a grown man who is not interest in young love story for high schoolers, which always look like best friends that "make love". Passion and commitment I express through my attentive loyalty and desire to give.

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All that I am and my values shown and practiced in person. I am not interested in undecissive women who are scared of taking the risk of falling in love.

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