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Dating marlin 1894 rifle, re: year of production of marlin 1894 44 magnum

Post your question in the general Marlin section of Casual dating bremen. Hello Duck, Please post you dating stralsund in the general Marlin section of the forums. Side note - I am not aware of any place in the USA where.

Year of production of Marlin 1894 44 Magnum

Dating marlin rifle marlin serial numbers For the "New Model" Marlin the first year of manufacture,included a B0 prefix. They were made in two configurations. Have remained or was shipped back to new heaven for your grand father to find. The instructions I have read say on the trigger guard, behind that on the stock tang and no so!

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Off topic but how common is it on a Marlin to have constriction in the bore at the roll marked section of the barrel? I do not know why yours is as it is. Your info very helpful. Stolen from my home. This dating hallam fm section is not the best place to address that issue.

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Please post further questions regarding off dating marlin 1894 rifle discussions in the general Marlin section of the forums. Please post your question there.

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For the record I am trying to get this gun but the seller is hesitant both with quality pics and imprint info. Hi Allen, Other than the blog I wrote about these guns my market value knowledge is limited. Below are the manufacturing date codes, which are the dating marlin 1894 rifle one or two characters of the serial number. Marlin a with brand new laminated stock from marlin. Look at the top of this page. For valuation please post your question in the Marlin section of the forums. For valuation post your question in the Marlin section of the forums.

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Do you know what is meaning the "K" before REP? Hello Albert Owens, Please see the comment previous to yours Rob. I took my birthday money from my 15th birthday, borrowed the rest from my sister, and told dad I wanted to go get my rifle. Thank you very much Robthe information you gave me.

I have been given answers to my questions.

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I called marlin and they said that it was the first one made in Hello Aaron Doby, Can you not figure out from the above blog what year your rifle was made ? Rob, The long version of this story is, when I turned 14 in July 80, my dad purchased a motorcycle for me to travel back and forth to school. The Shooter's Guide to Guns Present. Was the JM bayern dating used throughout production? How can I determine the age. Most have 26" barrels although a 22" was offered and is rarely seen. kostenlos

I should have been more specific The rifle is a Marlin Model 60 the serial number is The magazine tube comes nearly to the end of the barrel.

The down side to all this is my dad has not taken care of these guns at all lots of heave rust, have had to use WD and steel wool still in bad shape. It has the on bottom stock tang, be