Dating hamburg american clock help with clock HAC Hamburg American Corporation clock movement has crossed arrows

Dating hamburg american clock

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Junghans clock factory in Schramberg, Black Forest, Germany, in They eventually merged with Junghans in In fact, "Hamburg" appeared in the name, because the investor coming from Hamburg wanted it that way, that's all. Active Topics in this Category.

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Tom, The dating hamburg you found AD' for does look very similar, Price is a little too high for this kneck of the woods, That price dating oberhausen around twice what it would fetch here. Converted to a stock holding firm and with new investors, the company was re-named to Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik Hamburg-American clock factory.

Inthe company added the discount "Lux" trademark with the logo of a burning oil lamp.

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Ignored american clock by Ged Pitchford posted document. It is a very fine looking clock.

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Serial numbers were generally not used on clocks. HAC movements, in general, cannot be dated by serial numbers or dating codes prior to the Junghans takeover.

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The Junghans family declined and Landenberger left the company in anger, the frankfurt dating app of a long "family feud". New Since your Last Visit. Paul Landenberger started out as a bookholder of the Gebr.

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Kochmann has numerous references. The company used many different trademarks but the best known is the "crossed arrows" symbol.

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Add to My Favorites. The older company logos of HAC may not be as familiar as the well known "Pfeilkreuz" Crossed Arrows mark, registered in I hope they turn out as nice as this one. Hello Again, Can anyone tell me anything about this clock?.

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Wooden Case is in good shape, made to look like French style Marble Case. I suppose what I really need is for someone with exact same clock to see if number on label is the same as mine and if it is then it would make it the model number.

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