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Nebraskon dating auction

On Sunday, most con-goers collected their things and headed home.

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Alongside the tables of local artists and craft persons were booths for doll makers at Tasty Peach Studios and Sorbet Jungle. But I feel that our job is to set the standard and tone. Throughout the weekend, panels focused on fandoms took place throughout the hotel.


Several viewing rooms were set up so con-goers could sit down, relax and watch some of the latest anime. There is no doubt about that.

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Because of the growing number of attendees, may be the last year at the Ramada Plaza. Nebraskon kicked off with opening ceremonies at 2 p. The panelists talked about the history of a series or popular fan theories that future episodes might answer.

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Just walking through the convention halls, you can see the amount of creativity and enthusiasm our attendees bring, and that is the dating auction of environment we want to foster. In the Ramada gardens, with props in hand, like-minded fans gathered together to take pictures in costume.

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However, given its popularity, fans should expect Anime Nebraskon continue for many years to come. The convention, which lasted from Friday until Sunday, was packed with panels and guest speakers. We want to create an environment where people are comfortable in expressing themselves. Emily Knaub and James Lionberger acted as emcees, calling down attendees dressed in costumes based on various television shows, movies and video games.

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