Tatiana thumbtzen and michael jackson dating The Michael Jackson - Tatiana Thumbtzen Connection

Tatiana thumbtzen and michael jackson dating

After all, we had just met. It takes you on a bit of a journey, from me as a little girl and all the dreams I believed in, to real life and dealing with show business.


She seriously needs professional help. I had no idea you were going to be here. In the one picture out there of the kiss, you can clearly see him dating cochem backwards away from her. I had never had any problems getting did naya rivera dating mark salling with agents or managers but finding one who could really build my career seemed to be the real challenge. Michael was highly respected, especially during this time, but his father was not.

They were too afraid to up against someone of his stature and power. For some reason, I could not look into his eyes longer than a split second or two.

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Michael joined him in his trailer dating agency munich a few minutes later they asked me to join them, When I stepped into the trailer Frank took control, as Michael seemed to be a little uncomfortable and at a loss for words. After the kiss there were rumours that Michael loved her and mature dating lichfield and that.


I felt like something less than a peasant. I read a few sentences and thought, nope not going to read all this I've just put the interesting bits in bold, hope that somewhat helps with the ADD: I had to run through it. No matter what our skin color, race religion or sexual preference. And Sassy, like yourself, I wondered when Michael never mentioned her in the rabbi tapes. Did Michael Jackson date Whitney Houston? During my interview for the piece, the writer, who shall remain nameless, told me that a friend of his wanted to hire me for a clothing line campaign.

August 13, at 6: We have worked on it for two years now.

Her whole world seems to revolve around the short time she spent working with Michael and she has made it the her source of motivation for attention and publicity. A man isn't a gentlemen if he kisses and tells, but is a lady still a lady if she does? Nothing but joy and sheer happiness when we were together.

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Michael and Tatiana hugging during a photo shoot for the "Leave Me Alone" short film in Uncategorized — Comments. He said that I had an open invitation to join him at his table. July 16, at 5: Knowing how protective Michael was of his children!!

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December 17, at 5: He thanked me for being so professional and I remember being a bit surprised. I was just showing this to some very young fanatical MJ follower that posted a picture of Tatiana on the BAD gay dating seiten documentary and michael jackson dating.

I signed with the Ford Agency only to be dropped a week later. Were you happy for him? If she kissed him on the and michael jackson dating the night before, that would have been the night of the Grammys, which was March 2, Well, maybe all of the dating northeim. This is the one inconsistency that had me going WHAT???????

Prince asked me if I would mind if the press took a few pictures of us together. I used to talk to this woman. In I signed with a new agency, Joseph, Heldfond and Rix, at the time a fairly powerful group. Michael stopped and stood five feet away from me. I went home and cried incredibly hard, over both the lost opportunity and over losing Michael.

The Lies Of Tatiana Thumbtzen

He talked about the things I should be doing to capitalize on my success-like having my own clothing line, my own calendar, or my own doll. Some of you remember the recent BET special where you, the public, had a chance to ask the Jackson family anything. I kept calling Frank Dileo, but he never returned my calls. He was sitting there in a red shirt, bopping to the music with this big, happy grin on his face. I am very disappointed in her that she choose to not use her talents.

Tatiana Thumbtzen

I told him that I met her once and said hello but she ignored me and that I hated that crap! So, I ran while I was laughing my head off.

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She comforted me and reassured me that she was going to look into this and some other things.