Cnblue jungshin dating cnblue jungshin dating

Cnblue jungshin dating, more stories on 'yonghwa'

This is his own way to show his thanks. Sometimes he is envious of me for my fair skin.

CNBLUE spills about love and drama in a Valentine's Day special interview

We know each other well. I experienced dating hot and extreme cold laugh. People around us call us Tom and Jerry.

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The day really seems to be coming when your dream that your song appears on the top of the Billboard Chart comes true. And the right-minded image dating essentials just an image. At that time, I was pretending not to haha. How was acting with actors and actresses who are your age?

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I celebrate important days. He went out to Seoul Fashion Week twice. Nowadays, everyone is tall and handsome. I dating to get older nicely; being loved by people for my music as much as I can. I'm thankful for him because he seems to come and make me not bored.


Come to think of it, I fortunately avoided special days while I was dating someone. Sometime it seems very stuffy.

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And he also likes a pale skin girl. Most of all, I starred in one historical drama and one present-day dating mark katz drama.

My friends are all good at having relationships with someone. Now we are becoming like each other, but Min Hyuk scolded, "Who messed up?

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Articles become overly exaggerated haha. Do they scold you?

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I like a relationship to be like a friendship. I want to act more. When Jungshin was a freshman in high dating welshmen he was stressed out because he was so small.

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What kind of man are you when you are dating someone? I am actually close to her, so it's stronger. He did piercing, wore earing and mended his pants very narrow.

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Now I'm pretty settled into writing songs. Your cells of love are dying. It never means Un-jang Gwan-ri.

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If we saw it a lot, I would feel lonely, but I am busy so it helps me not feel lonely. So what does Jung Shin mean to Jong Hyun?


Thinks seriously Um…No, I wasn't. Well, if I miss her, then I can meet her.

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He used to take pictures outside when he was having a bad mood. I asked Jong Hyun what Jung Shin meant to him.

CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin Can′t Remember Last Time He Had a Girlfriend

The money Jungshin get from his company goes directly to his mother. You and Jung Shin are called Mayonnaise and soybean paste.

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She and I met through this drama. Fans gave him them. Watch a year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star. When I was in school, I did it to my friends.

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Ever since you were little, you have been very much a people person. They have different charming points. Could you give more hints for fans who want to be that girl?