Dating marlin 39a rifles marlin 39a date of manufacture

Dating marlin 39a rifles

We took it apart. After seeing the prices since I now tell people to buy Walnut Stocks. She had never shot a gun except once at an indoor range with me. I had been out of guns since I have traded equity stocks for 15 years.

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Got everything I want. Marlin 39 Marlin Model 39 S and Star I have been looking for a 22 rifle my girlfriend will feel comfortable shooting.

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I decided on a Browning Auto but do not like auto. 2 months of dating what to expect desired half inch of bluing wear on the barrel end meaning it was actually used but totally loved. Yesterday at a show I found a Marlin 39 with Star and Sxxxx serial number.

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Only the front had been refinished. As kids we traded guns like others trade baseball cards. No checkering which I prefer.

39A Date of Manufacture

I knew it a deal but got my books. I am guessing but not sure on the S dating marlin 39a rifles dates. Not a touch of even dirt except lint in the barrel. The wood was fabulous burled walnut with not a scratch on the rear stock.

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More choices in guns i. I jokingly got her a gun display book. No slight damage to the screws. We go to the shows only to look but at times like yesterday action is better than caution. No paper pushing criminals to steal my money.

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Sell it to someone who will care for it and appreciate it. My girlfriend asked me what is the difference in a rifle, shotgun and pistol. Why look at a piece of paper when you can touch something so fine.

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I prefer a single shot drop block or at least a bolt. She got hooked on the antique guns. I want to see the wood. One look and I was sold.

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Neither of us like anything new. I only buy used and American or from Italy or Portugal. Then in Aug I sold everything.