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At the same time they are creating a great showcase of their private collection of old, collectible or antique beer steins, so that they can be shared and enjoyed by everybody!

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See our " Links Page " for additional information on the above sources and other places of stein interest, clubs, and resources. The pewter stein was usually elaborate and meaningful.

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A half-liter clear glass stein, hand-blown with applied handle, c. Europeans often engraved dates on the lids of steins to commemorate specific occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, weddings, and retirements. Yes fellow stein collector, you should show your collection on this dating german too!

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Around the same time, techniques to improve earthenware by raising the firing temperature of clay, created stoneware. It will be highly decorated and detailed and unless it is a very old stein it will have a thumb lift on it. The body has been faceted around the base, thumbprint cut above the waistline, and fitted with a porcelain inlaid lid dating aspergers pewter mounts.

Only on this beer A high quality relief pewter lid appearing on an Oktoberfest stein manufactured in The steins dating bottrop all collections baumholder dating give a great overview of what has been produced over the years.

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Most of these depict historical scenes. With this in mind, collectors should take care when determining which steins make their collection unique. Stein collecting began with beer stein fanatics looking for these high-end pieces.

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The insert can also be made of glass, porcelain, or wood. Top most viewed over the past 2 weeks: Home Catalog Links About us Contact. Dating mildenhall can be dated to a time period through the study of their markings, pewter fixtures, handles, body styles, designs, type of manufacturing, and artists signatures. By uploading your steins you are directly contributing to building the net's largest free interactive stein database.


The database currently contains steins and related items from private collections and 20 producer's catalogs. Pewter became widely used in the 14th century when pewter trade guilds were formed in London and Edinburgh.

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There are countless eBay sellers with German steins available. An authentic German beer stein has a lid that is very similar or complimentary to the design and painting of the stein itself. Just enter the mold number of the stein in our search-box and we'll show you all matching beersteins in the database.